Friday, February 22, 2013

the grass is always greener....

A few weeks ago, M was crying that she didn't want diabetes any more: "it wasn't fair!"

Thankfully, T often handles these moments.... together will list all the things that hate about diabetes: lows, checking blood sugar, pump changes, etc.

But that night was different.

M: It's not fair that I have diabetes.
T: No, it's not fair.
M: I want to do things all the other kids do...

This is where it felt a knife going into my heart. We have NEVER let diabetes keep Maddie from anything. Anything. Even if it means more work (or less sleep) for T & I.

(Well, that's a lie. Sleepovers. I haven't let her go on a sleepover yet. But I'm working on it - in the next few months. Pray for me!)

Me: What things can't you do?
M: Eat candy everyday.

I started laughing.

Me: Does your brother eat candy everyday?
M: No.
Me: You don't eat candy everyday because it's not good for your body. Not because you have diabetes! We make good food choices in this family. Candy is a sometimes food. We eat it sometimes as a treat.

She was happy with that answer. But it's gotten me thinking: what else does she think diabetes is keeping from her but really it's a parenting choice??

So I've started giving these long explanations for things....

M: Can I eat the fruit loop necklace I made at school?
Me: No, it's filled with yucky dye and chemicals. Plus you played with it all day at school. It's covered in germs and we just got over the flu. And Mommy can't take another two weeks of the flu.

She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh...

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