Wednesday, February 20, 2013

moving in.

When T was diagnosed, we lived in a small house (still do) and storage space was limited. 

We came back from our honeymoon to tons of wedding gifts and a boat load of diabetes supplies. For the longest time, all his stuff graced the top of our dining room bar.  Then it was moved inside of its cabinets.  The poor guy had to balance the boxes on top of the liquor bottles. 

And that's the way it was for almost 5 years: me refusing to give diabetes space in our home and life. 
Then four years ago today, I reluctantly welcomed diabetes in. 

Within hours of bringing M home from the hospital, I cleared out not only one but TWO cabinets in the bar. I packed away the crystal and barware that had hardly been used since we had kids. I rearranged the kitchen to make space for the liquor bottles. I organized bins and boxes to make life with diabetes easier. 

Diabetes was here to stay. 

Six months later, both started different pumps: M (Animas) & T (OmniPod) - each with different supplies, meters & test strips. 

The bar was sold on craigslist and I replaced with an ikea cabinet. 

Now with the help of the trusty label maker, the diabetes cabinet is the most organized place in our house. 

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