Tuesday, February 19, 2013


4 years. 1461 days.

Last night, I was troubled by the idea of a Diaversary. 

Maddie does't remember her life before diabetes; she's lived longer with it than without. Insulin and a blood glucose meter have always been a part of daily life in our house. 

So how will we celebrate February 18th?

By helping others. 

We spent this afternoon at AC Moore picking out craft kits. The kids paid for them out of the share jar money.   (I'll do a post later on our 3 jars: save, spend & share.)

The amazing Child Life staff at INOVA Fairfax have supported M, our family and the greater Nothern Virginia diabetes community for the last four years. They volunteer their time and resources to our local diabetes support group.  Young 20 & 30 year olds, who give up one Sunday a month for M & her friends! . There really are angels on earth... and I believe they are Child Life specialists!

The craft kits will be donated to the Child Life staff for them to use with other kids on the P-ICU floor. 

M loves a trip to AC Moore! In her mind, it's better than a toy store.  But she just didn't seem to be enjoying herself today. 

She had been running a little high (before &) after a late lunch, but she had enough insulin on board to bring her down from the 200s. I figured she was tired from last night's crazy numbers and the tooth fairy excitement at 1:30. 

At checkout, M asked if she could use her own money to buy a bottle of water. Red Flag. 

First check 483, Second check 408. Ugh! 

Really Dexcom?? Really? How can you be that off? *

Poor kid, no wonder the decision between the purple or pink friendship bracelet kits took 10 minutes.

Thankfully, a large bolus and a temp basel had her back in range for Part 2 of the celebration:

Maddie's favorite dinner: tortellini  with peas & bacon

CAKE!  Chocolate with cream cheese icing plus fresh strawberries between layers. Yum! 

And "kid" wine. Or sparkling grape juice!

Here's to 4 years of an amazingly resilient kid! 

* 10 days until we toss this dexcom and move to the new G4!!

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