Saturday, March 2, 2013

lesson learned

I'm not a "what's your number?" mom.

 I don't ask M to test her blood sugar first thing when I pick her up from school. I trust that she can feel her lows and she wears a CGM. She often tests first thing after returning home because she wants a snack.

On gymnastics days, I pick her up and we head straight to the recreation center. She changes clothes, then we head to the viewing deck to watch current class and she eats her snack.

I'm not the best about carrying extra supplies. We mostly stay in a 5 mile radius of our house during the week. I can always run home. If we are going to out for the day, I'll toss a Vera Bradley makeup bag with extra everything into my purse. 

Last Friday, I kinda learned my lesson. 

We were already running a little late, she had 12 minutes to eat her snack and be on the gymnastics floor for class to start. 

I handed her the meter case and asked her to test. 

"Ugh, mom, I don't have test strips!" She holds up the empty black container.

REALLY!?!? For the life of me, I don't see why the aide doesn't replace it with a new vial when the current one is empty. But that's a rant for another day!!

"Okay, hand me your CGM."


"Do you feel low?"
"No, I feel fine."

I decide to give her the snack & not give her insulin to cover the carbs. She quickly eats her snack and is ready for class. 

This is the highlight of her week!

Just as I'm sending her down down, the CGM buzzes. 

Crap! She's now low. 

"Do you feel low?"

Thankfully, I have a small tube of glucose tabs in my purse. I hand her 4 and she inhales them.

"M, if you feel low TELL YOUR TEACHER. He will call me down. Have fun!"

I see her run on to the gym floor and her class starts warming up.

Three minutes into class: BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ! I look at her CGM

Under 55. 


Now this is where I totally forget everything I know about how her CGM works and the anatomy of lows. 

The CGM can be 20% off and 20 minutes behind. Plus, when there is a low it lags more. Often the blood sugar will already be back in normal range and the CGM will still show the blood sugar dropping.

But none of that mattered in the moment. I had no meter to test and I was watching her gallop back and forth in front of me.  She didn't look low but I didn't want to take a chance. 

I ran down the stairs and entered the gym. I called her over and give her the LAST 3 glucose tabs I had.

"M, do you feel low?"
"Your CGM has you at 55. Do you want to sit out for a little bit?" 
I see the fearful look in her teacher's eyes.
"No! I'm NOT low. I don't want to miss it."
"Okay, listen to your body!"
She rolled her eyes.

And I decided to trust her. 
Trust that she knows her body and will feel the low. 
And pray! Lots of prayers!

I walk back upstairs.

"She doesn't look 55. Does she look 55 to you? She wouldn't be looking this good at 55. Right?"

Another mom gives me a strange look. 

I sit the CGM back on my bag and say another prayer. 

After a few minutes, I click the CGM to check her number. 

out of range

OMG! Seriously! 

Point taken. I will be more prepared!