Thursday, July 18, 2013

M Bear

When M was diagnosed back in 2009, we received a "Bag of Hope" from JDRF. It came with helpful booklets, meters, etc and.... 

Rufus, the bear with diabetes, and his storybook

He comes with a medical ID & colorful patches to show injection sites.

But given that M was 3 years and 48 days old... 
a boy bear wouldn't do.

On the way home from the hospital, we stopped by the craft store to buy Rufus a pretty pink dress.
Rufus became M Bear, the girl bear with diabetes.

M Bear quickly became a favorite toy.

She had daily blood glucose checks....

and insulin shots (check out the colorful syringes)...

and matching Halloween costumes. 

A the week before M started her insulin pump, M Bear was HUGE help! 

Like M, the bear received an multiple daily injections (MDI). But then after a few days, M Bear got an insulin pump and no more shots!

It allowed M at 3 years old to understand the difference between MDI & pumping. 

After that, selling the insulin pump was easy! 
(And the fact that it was a pink pump!)

On August 3, 2009, M got her last shot before breakfast and we celebrated! 

And we started the new adventure with pumping!

But every four years an insulin pump is out of warranty and it's time to go pump shopping.

I find the whole process like car shopping. You want to pick the right make and model that has the features that you'll need for the FOUR years! 

So that's where we are now... 

Shopping for a pump that will make my current 7 year old happy as well as my future 11 year old. 

It's not an easy task and M is anti- change. 

And when it comes to something she has worn 24/7 for the last 1460 days, change is out of the question.

This makes testing out new insulin pumps hard. 

( Unfortunately for M, her mother is unwilling to order the same 
make & model insulin pump she currently owns. )

But thankfully, M Bear doesn't mind trying out new things! 

On Tuesday, M Bear started a week trial of the Tandem t:slim

So far we are LOVING it! 

The touch screen is awesome! 
(more to come later on the t:slim thoughts)

And tonight, since M had a pump change...

M bear needed a pump change too! 

M was in heaven! It was the first time she had ever done a pump change. 

And since M needed a new Dexcom sensor tonight....

guess who is now wearing a CGM??

I'm learning that it come in handy to keep old, outdated diabetes supplies! 

And then she needed a BG check too.....

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