Tuesday, April 2, 2013

437 Questions

I saw this meme on Facebook last week. 

This morning snuggled on the couch, my resident 4 year old started off the morning with a few questions....

Why does M have diabetes?
How did she get diabetes?
Why does her pancreas not work right?
Why does she check her blood?
How does the meter work?
Does it hurt?
What is insulin?
Why does M need a pump?
How did M get diabetes?
Why does her pancreas not work?
How did you know she had diabetes?
How long did she stay in the hospital?
What did they do to her in the hospital?
But why did her pancreas stop working?
How did you know she had diabetes?

I answered each question. 

He paused. I could tell he was thinking. 

Then came the questions that I knew he really wanted to ask...

C: Mommy? Will my pancreas stop working?
Me: I hope not. But if it does, it will be okay.
C: How will you know I have diabetes?
Me: Mommy will just know. Like I knew with M. You will start asking for more water and going potty all the time.
C: I hope that doesn't happen. I don't want a pump.
Me: I know, little man, Mommy too.
C: Know what? I better just drink lots of apple juice. Then I won't ask for lots of water and go potty. Okay?
Me: Okay, little man. Maybe just a little apple juice. 
C: Mommy?
Me: Yep.
C: Can I watch Backyardigans? 

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  1. That was all just a lead-in to ask for TV. You know that, right?